The SOS Story

People always ask us what SOS stands for.  The truth is that when Jess Mayfield bought what was called SOS Liquid Waste Haulers in 1995, SOS stood for Septic's Our Service.  The business was primarily a septic company at the time and was acquired in order to pump wastewater treatment plant sludge.  In 1999 Jason Breithaupt met Jess and convinced him to focus on pumping grease and grit traps.  In exchange for ownership in the company, Jason built SOS's pumping operations to compete with his previous employer, US Liquids.

The rest, as they say, is history.  SOS has since become the most successful liquid waste hauler and commercial plumbing service company in Central and South Texas, pumping millions of gallons of waste a year and servicing thousands of locations.  The SOS moniker now fits, but for a different reason: SOS can get a customer out of a bind with its incredible emergency response and preventative maintenance service.  If you are in trouble, send us an SOS.  We can help.

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