Our Heritage

We at SOS are proud of our Texas heritage. We feel a special connection to the land from the coastal plains to brush country, from the deserts and mountains of West Texas, to the hill country. We can’t imagine serving a better area and we are proud to call Texas home.

Another critical part of our heritage is our roots as a small business, and even though our business has grown leaps and bounds, we don’t forget where we came from. We will always remember the customers large and small that have helped us to get to where we are today… and hope that we can grow to meet these same customers’ needs in new ways.

We have managed to survive and thrive for one reason and one reason only: we present value to our customers. By efficiently operating our business and by helping customers to make better decisions regarding their waste streams, we have been able to deliver savings to our customers where the competition has not.

As a small business, we also know that we would be nowhere without the blood sweat and tears of our team. It is our team members who have led us to new heights and it will be our team members who lead us into our future.

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