Car Wash / Commercial Truck Wash

Available Services

Grit trap waste removal and recycling
Drain-line cleaning/ clog removal
Drain-line plumbing, and troubleshooting
Emergency 24X7 Response
Grit trap repair / installation
Waste advisory and waste stream sampling

Why use SOS?  

  • You can depend on us to manage your waste from the drain to the main

    • Sign up and forget about it – we manage your service cycles to keep you in compliance with city ordinances and to keep your business, and your drains, running smoothly
    • Reduce your risk of overflows/ issues and potentially reclassify your waste to a cleaner grade thorough cleaning does make a difference… it is a dirty secret
    • Car bay cleaning services available
    • Consult with us on operational issues to maximize up-time and minimize odor issues and costs
    • We will manage your sample process from collection to record maintenance

  •  24X7 Emergency Service
    • We have a large staff of experts available to be dispatched at a moment’s notice
    • We have a Hydro-jetting and plumbing capability allowing us to handle almost every drainage issue

  • The earth will thank you
    • We recycle your waste streams
    • SOS is a green company

Case Study-Reducing Grit Trap Waste and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)

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