Wastewater Treatment Plant / Water and Wastewater Systems

Available Services

Sewage Treatment Plant Operations and Consulting
Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Removal and Recycling
Drain-line cleaning/ clog removal
Drain-line plumbing, and troubleshooting

Why use SOS? 

  •  You will receive experienced and effective operational management
    • We have 32 years of wastewater treatment experience, 27 years of water system experience
    • We have operated over 15 plants with high customer satisfaction rate

  •  Wide range of services
    • In addition to operating plant, we can troubleshoot collection/distribution system issues
    • We have extensive experience designing, building, and fixing lift stations
    • We prevent eye sores (and nose sores) by maintaining plant and plant grounds in a neat and well-manicured fashion

  • 24 X 7 Emergency Service 
    • Your residents need to flush the toilets and take showers on weekends and holidays, not just during the work week
    • We suffer so your residents don’t have to


Case Study-Operating a New Sewage Treatment Plant

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