Grit trap cleaning

What we offer

Wide range of options including:

  • We work with you to set the appropriate service frequency based on city ordinance and the needs of your particular interceptor
  • Wide variety of payment schedules and method

What we do

In a preliminary visit, we measure your trap and ask you questions to determine the pumping schedule that will fit your needs

We maintain a service schedule for your trap

When your trap needs to be serviced, we send a trained technician to the trap to:

  • Measure the grit / water ratio of your waste
  • Evacuate 100% of liquid and solid debris from the trap in accordance with municipal standards
  • Clean and scrape the trap thoroughly to prevent issues
  • The technician will use a waste manifest to note the date of the pumping and how much waste was removed

The waste will be transported to a state-approved facility for recycle reuse or disposal if necessary

We maintain a copy of the manifest on hand and send you a copy of the manifest along with the invoice. In case of an audit by regulatory authorities, we maintain your manifest on file for at least 5 years.

We can work with you to adjust your service cycle based on how quickly the trap fills with grease and local regulations. We can dispatch a technician at a moment's notice to handle emergency/overflow issues to insure that you continue to operate your business.

How a Grit Trap Works



SOS has been in the liquid waste business for 27 years
We remove and recycle/process over 10 million gallons of waste a year
We service almost 2,000 locations