Grease trap repair / installation

What we offer

Wide range of options including:

  • Complete installation of grease trap/ interceptor

  • Skilled professionals assessing the individual needs and capacity requirements of each location
  • Trap maintenance subsequent to installation including

    • Regular inspection of all working parts inside interceptor
    • Repairs on broken elbow fittings, collapse flow diverters, and manhole replacements due to cracks or shifting 

What we do

For installations:

A master plumber will review the trap needs and requirements, obtain the necessary permits, and oversee the work of a skilled construction crew.

The crew will excavate the site, procure the materials, and connect the grease interceptor to all incoming, outgoing, and vent lines.

We will call a city inspector and manage the inspection and compliance issues.

Finally, we will backfill the excavated area and provide a final cleanup in order to restore the area to a neat and tidy condition.

For repair work:

A problem area will be identified, typically by one of our technicians during routine pumping/servicing of the interceptor.

We will provide a work order / written description of the work required to restore the interceptor to proper operation.

A skilled, confined spaced-certified work crew will perform the work with the guidance of a master plumber.


SOS has a total of 15 years experience in the installation and repairs process of grease traps / interceptors.

Our service personnel have a combined experience of 50 years in interceptor installation and repair.